Set Day - July 28

Setting the First Module for the Second Floor

Ready, Set, Go!

Button-Up - July 29

Setting the First First Floor Module

Setting the Second Floor Modules

Setting the Second Module for the First Floor

Setting the Chimney

The House Arrives! - In Pieces - July 27

A Second Crane and Finishing the Roof

The Crew Raises the Roof, then the Rain Starts.  Will Finish the Next Day.

The modules arrive Wednesday and set operations begin Thursday.

We've arranged a layover location for the modules, a set crew to arrive Thursday by 7:00 am, a crane to arrive by 7:30 am, and a road closure and detour at 8:00 am.  If all goes well, the house (both levels - four modules) will be set on the foundation by noon.

Then the "button up" work begins.  The set crew will complete the outside finish work - raise the roofs, install remaining siding, trim, etc.

Thank you to Anna, Pastor Wayne, and the wonderful people of Reformation Lutheran Church for allowing us to park our house in their parking lot!  

Check it out.

We'll be there all day with food and drinks to keep everyone hydrated and energized.  Stop by!  (you'll have to follow the detour in the morning)

The Crane Arrives, Followed by the Carrier with the First Floor Modules

The Second Floor Modules Arrive and a View From Above the First Floor