Why Modular?

Most houses are built using conventional on-site construction process, commonly called "stick-built".

Another option is to build a modular home.  A Modular home is built out of boxes, called modules, which are constructed off site, transported to the building lot, and assembled into a finished home. All of the materials - from framing, roofing, and plumbing to cabinetry, interior finish, and electrical - are identical to what you would find in a conventional "stick-built" home, but, being built in a factory, are never exposed to the weather.

Modular Home Benefits:

  • Construction in a climate controlled facility with materials protected from the elements
  • Assembly with precision jigs
  • Larger, more powerful, and more sophisticated equipment
  • Rigorous quality control systems
  • Construction standards that meet or exceed local and state building codes
  • Unparalleled structural strength
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Construction time is much shorter
  • The cost to build modular is usually much lower

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The original plan was something like what you'll find above.  After a great deal of discussion, debating, indecision, arguments, compromise, we finally arrived at the finished plans that you'll find to the right.

The Plan Is to Go Modular

So, we've decided to build a new modular home.   Wait. What?

Yeah.  We've embarked on a grand adventure.  To build a house.  Not just a house.  A new house that will be our "home sweet home".  And not just a home, but a modular home.

We started with our own plan - what we wanted in a house - without spending ourselves into never-ending debt, but actually, reducing our debt.